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All of A.P. Reid’s Automotive Insurance Programs are endorsed and recommended by the Automotive Trades Assocation of Atlantic Canada

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The following is a summary of the coverages we can include in your Insurance Packages:

Building Coverage: If you own your building, we can include building coverage in your Insurance Package. Most buildings will qualify for full replacement cost, meaning that your claims will be settled without deduction for depreciation. Deductibles start as low as $500, and substantial premium credits are available for higher deductibles of $1,000 or $2,500.

Stock and Equipment Coverage: Your Stock and Equipment can usually be insured in Cars Plus for a broader range of perils than normally available. We can also insure these two items with one blanket limit. We can include coverage for your employee’s tools, or we can offer coverage to them directly at a reasonable charge. If you sell Boats or Recreational Vehicles, we can add them to your Stock and Equipment Coverage, to make sure you’re fully protected

Guarding Against Spills: Your risk of accountability to Environment Canada for spills and clean-up, not only on your premises, but on property owned by neighbours can be included in your Insurance Packages, or pucrchased separately in our Spill Plus Package.

Boiler Explosion coverage: Heating with hot water boiler? No problem. We can include the necessary boiler explosion coverage right in your Insurance Package. All we need to know is that you heat with a hot water boiler and we can include this extension for you. Remember that even if you rent, a boiler explosion could still cause serious damage to your stock and equipment that would only be covered with this extension.

Business Operations Liability: No insurance package is complete without excellent Business Operations Liability coverage. With coverage ranging from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 we can arrange as much business protection as your budget will allow. We also offer the broadest form of liability coverage including Products and completed Operations Coverage.

Crime Coverage: Your Insurance Package can also include a variety of Crime Coverages tailored to your specific needs.