Are private docks included under the home insurance policy?

Posted On August 17, 2016

Is Dock covered under home insurance policy

If you are lucky enough to live on the water, you may have constructed a private wharf or dock. And whenever there is a major windstorm, you may wonder if your wharf is covered by your Home Insurance Policy.

Whenever we have a major windstorm, less than 15% of Damage to wharves and docks is actually insured by Homeowners Policies. Homeowners Policies do not cover damage to wharves and docks done by rising waters, tides, storm surges, or flooding, or the washing away of wharves and docks by “heavy waters”, even when driven by wind.. Nor is there coverage for ice damage, or weight of ice, snow, or sleet. Pure “windstorm” damage IS covered. However, it can Be very difficult to demonstrate that the damage done to the wharf was caused directly and absolutely by wind, and not in any way caused by rising waters, tides, or storm surges.

Oftentimes it is obvious whether or not pure wind caused the loss or a combination of the wind and the water. If it isn’t and it seems to you like the damage was caused by pure WIND and only WIND, you can work with us and your Insurance Adjuster to try to demonstrate that. And we’ll guide you to the greatest of our ability.

In terms of VALUE, it is important to consider your wharf an “external structure” on your property and add it’s value to that of your garage, or greenhouse or other outbuildings on your property. Take a look at the total coverage we are providing for all “outbuildings” and “external structures”. Is it enough for all, including your wharf?

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