Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover My Child While Attending University?

Posted On August 31, 2016

DOES My Homeowners Insurance Cover My Child While Attending University?

Your Homeowners Policy has been designed to provide the best amount of coverage for you, your spouse, and
your children while your property is “in your home”. Whenever your property is being moved “away from home”,
the coverage that goes with that property is less than what it would be “at home”.
There are certain conditions when your policy will automatically provide coverage for your children who are
attending College and living away from home. Those conditions are:

  1. They are your children. Sons and Daughters. Should you happen to be sponsoring other relatives, your
    coverage does not extend.
  2. Your children are financially dependent on you. It’s okay if they have a part-time job, but they are essentially
    still under your financial responsibility for their “keep”.
  3. They are living “on campus” at a university or college. Coverage does not extend to anyone who has “moved
    out of home, into an apartment”. This rule is true even if they are sharing an apartment with a few friends.
  4. The amount of possessions they have taken with them does not exceed $5,000.00.
  5. There is an “intent to return” to home periodically to reside once again with you. For example, they still have “their room” – and “stuff at home”. If they have “moved out permanently” (like to the United States to a College for example), and they will not be back to live, they are not considered to be “temporarily residing” on campus.

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