Does your home insurance cover watercraft?

Posted On July 27, 2016

AP Reid - DOES your home insurance cover watercraft

It’s never a good idea to assume your Homeowners Policy will suitably cover watercraft, motors, tenders, or boat trailers. There are several special watercraft policies designed for almost every type of pleasure watercraft; and watercraft accessories. If you own a sailboat or a motor boat, you need to arrange special watercraft coverage; which can be obtained on a separate marine policy, or with a rider on your Home Insurance Policy.

If you own a small rowboat, paddle boat, canoe valued at less than $1,000.00 and is less than 26 feet long, and you keep this item at your main home year-round and don’t keep it at a cabin, seasonal dwelling, or friend’s home or boat club, you do have some automatic insurance included in your Homeowners Policy at no additional cost.

This coverage will give you Fire, Collision, Vandalism and Theft. You do not receive any windstorm or wave coverage. This basic coverage is free. Any trailer you might own for towing your canoe would not be included in this free coverage.

Call us with the details of watercraft that you feel should be specifically insured; and we’ll work out a price for you.

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