Already have group health benefits?

Change is all around us these days… and nowhere is it more evident than the workplace. It’s unlikely we’ll spend our lives working at one job or for one employer. In fact, statistics show people change jobs up to five times on average during their life, and that number is growing. With all this change, wouldn’t it be nice to know you have access to a personal health plan no matter what your employment status?

The Assured Access plan from Medavie Blue Cross does just that… it provides future access to a personal health plan and protects your insurability.

If you’re 64 or under and currently enrolled in a group health benefits plan and have had group coverage for the past 12 consecutive months, Assured Access is and easy, cost-effective way to protect tomorrow’s insurability today. Once you qualify medically for the Assured Access plan, you don’t have to worry about qualifying for health coverage upon loss of group health benefits.

By enrolling you and your family in Assured Access today you ensure access into a personal health plan in the future. Should you lose group health benefits Assured Access allows you and your family to move into a comprehensive options Plus personal health plan with extensive drug, hospital, travel and extended health benefits, without additional medical underwriting!

Will you need access to a personal health plan when you retire? We all know as we age our health often deteriorates, making it difficult to be approved for health care coverage later in life. With Assured Access your future insurability is protected based on your current health status. If you need it, your coverage will be there.

While protecting your insurability with Assured Access, you have the additional security of a $10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit for each participant covered under your plan. This benefit ends at age 65.

With Assured Access, dependents who are no longer eligible for group health benefits can also enrol in their own Medavie Blue Cross personal health plan without requiring additional medical underwriting.

To learn more about this plan, please contact one of our experienced Insurance Advisors.