Hospitality and Tourism Programs

All of A.P. Reid’s Hospitality and Tourism Insurance Programs are endorsed and recommended by TIANS, TIANB and Sysco iCare.


On site Attractions and Activities

We provide you with your necessary liability insurance for your business – We include insurance for those fun attractions you may be including like miniature golf, boating, horseshoe pits or a swimming pool.

Damage to Facilities

We provide you with any form of damage insurance you might need. On your snack bar, your laundry and shower room. Even canoes if you need them insured. If your facility offers a bar for guests, we can provide you with the necessary Host Liquor liability coverage

Pollution Coverage

You may need to carry Pollution Coverage! If you operate gas pumps, you may have some legal exposure if you damage a patron’s vehicle.

Value of your Buildings

Depending on the age, construction and location of your buildings, we can offer you the choice of Replacement cost or Actual Cash Value Coverage.

Full Meal Deal

A.P. Reid has developed an insurance package specifically designed for Restaurant and Liquor Establishments. With this package we have included all of the available insurance coverages that are important to you as a restaurant owner!


This is your Building, Contents, Stock and Equipment. Depending on the specifics of your establishment and needs, a range of coverages may be quotes here. Generally, for the majority of risks, we can offer the most comprehensive coverages available in the marketplace.


Limits of Liability Insurance available vary from $1,000,00 to $20,000,000. The most common form is the Commercial General Liability policy. If you have Liquor Liability exposure, we will not exclude or limit damage cause to patrons by Forcible Ejection. This is a common exclusion or limitation with most insurers in Canada and the United States!

Home Away From Home

Deductible Options Help you Save Premium

Our Home away from Home insurance program give you very broad coverage, even if your business operation is seasonal. Rather than take away valuable coverages, we use an “open season” deductible and a “closed season” deductible. These deductibles can range from $500 to $2,500 or more.

Rental Income Insurance

Home away from Home insurance package also comes with Rental Income Insurance, just in case you have a fire during the tourist and visitor season and lose the opportunity to receive guests for a season.

Value of your Buildings

Depending on the age, construction and location of your buildings, we can offer you the choice of Replacement cost or Actual Cash Value Coverage.

Let’s Go!

Let’s Go goes Everywhere

Your business might be offering whale watching tours, or visiting bird sanctuaries. It could be bicycle tours or hiking. It could be kayaking, canoeing or deep-sea fishing or snowmobiling. Whatever it is, Let’s Go! can provide you with your Liability Insurance needs.

Equipment can also be covered!

Whether you own kayaks, tour buses, bicycles or ATVs, we can cover the “tools of your trade” We understand that without these items, you’re out of business.

Share Our Home

Its a Homeowners Policy

You keep your full Comprehensive Homeowners Policy. Many insurance companies make you give up your Homeowners Package Policy in favor of a standard Commercial Package Policy. This will cost you valuable personal coverages as a homeowner. Coverages like “Personal Liability” and “Additional Living Expense.” When you own and operate a Bed ‘n’ Breakfast, you are sharing your home, not giving it up – your insurance coverage should work the same way

…And, It’s a Business Policy

Of course, you are running a business and as such there are several very important business coverages that you’ll also need. The Share our Home Insurance Program is designed to provide all the important business insurance coverages you’ll need, all in one convenient package!

A few valuable Insurance Coverages:
Building and Contents- We provide full replacement cost coverage on your building and both your personal and business contents.
Liability- The Share our Home insurance program provides both personal and business liability all in one convenient package.
Rental Income- We can provide coverage for your loss of rental income should your building be closed due to a major fire or windstorm.
Crime-In case of robbery at home or on the way to the bank, we can provide a range of crime coverages to protect your cash receipts.

The Catch

We’re as Adventurous as your guests

Many remote hunting and fishing lodges offer services that make some insurance companies shy away from providing liability insurance. If your remote lodge requires “fly ins,” – we can help. If your lodge uses watercraft for guests to reach you – We can help!

All in one home for your lodge business

We can provide you with all of the insurance coverage you need on your building and contents; and we can provide you with all of your liability insurance too! If your facility is licensed to serve alcohol to your guests, we can include Host Liquor Liability.