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 Car insurance in Canada

Whether you’re using your vehicle to get to work, run family errands, or delivering pizza, your car is an important part of your daily life. At A.P. Reid Insurance, we understand the considerable time and financial investment in purchasing, operating, and maintaining your vehicle. That’s why our vehicle insurance specialists have made obtaining car insurance in Canada as easy as possible for you.

Auto insurance policies are designed to protect you against financial harm should you have an accident with or suffer damage to your car or truck.

Car Insurance Coverage Options

You can choose from a wide range of potential coverage options for your automobile;
• Third Party Liability
• Accident Benefits – Including optional increased limits
• Collision Damage
• Theft
• Fire
• Vandalism
• Protection against un-insured and under-insured drivers
• Loss of Use Coverage
• Waiver of Depreciation for new cars
• Driving Record Protector

What affects your Car Insurance Coverage Rate?

We understand that every driver is different. You have your own history and needs, so we consider a variety of things to make sure you’re getting the lowest rate possible for your car insurance in Canada. Factors include:

  • The coverage that you require
  • The deductible that you choose
  • The make, model and year of your vehicle
  • How you use your vehicle
  • How far you drive each year
  • How many drivers you insure
  • Your driving experience and the experience of any other drivers you want to insure

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