Personal Umbrella Insurance


Personal Umbrella Insurance – General Information

You already have insurance for the everyday – your home, car, cottage and boat. But there’s more to your everyday: your quality of life, assets and reputation. Having a claim is not the time to find there are gaps in your insurance.

Think Personal Umbrella. It provides an extra layer of protection to you and your family.

Personal Umbrella Features

• Legal liability protection if you are sued for causing bodily injury or property damage.
• Up to $5 million in additional liability limits available – over and above your auto and property insurance.
• Libel, slander and defamation of character coverage.
• Pays for your legal defence and expenses if an insured claim is not covered by your other insurance.
• Covers loss of earning if you incur this expense at your insurance companies request (i.e time off work to prepare a defence.)
• Worldwide coverage – take Personal Umbrella with you… wherever you go!

Personal Umbrella is ideal for:

• Home or Condominium owners
• Owners of cottages, rental properties, boats, snowmobiles.
• Well established individuals.
• People who:
– are active in their communities.
– volunteer for school field trips or outings with their children’s friends.
– car-pool
– are volunteers/directors of non-profit organizations, including condominium corporations.