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We are pleased to announce an exciting new development. A.P. Reid and MacEachern Insurance are joining forces to better serve our customers in Amherst, Cumberland County, and surrounding areas.

Going forward your insurance policies will now be serviced by the MacEachern Insurance office in Amherst. The A.P. Reid team you have been used to dealing with will also be transferring to the MacEachern Insurance office and will continue to serve you.

This change is effective October 1, 2017, however you will start to see new policy documents listing MacEachern Insurance as your broker very soon.

There is nothing you need to do right now. Your insurance policy will remain in force exactly as it is today. When your policy next comes up for renewal you will receive your renewal from MacEachern instead of A.P. Reid. You may also hear from the staff at MacEachern Insurance to discuss additional or alternate renewal options for you to consider.

About MacEachern Insurance:
A.D. MacEachern Insurance has been providing its loyal client based with excellent service for over 25 years. They are strong supporters of the community and presently operate offices in Amherst, Pugwash, Oxford, Springhill and Tantallon. The A.P. Reid team will be joining the MacEachern team at their Amherst location at 55 Church Street. Their office phone number is 902-660-3507.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this positive transition, you can contact Cindy Burke in A.P. Reid’s Amherst office at 902-667-4002 before October 1st and at the MacEachern Insurance office at 902-660-3507 after October 1st.

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