Electronic Documents / Payment Options

How to Make Payments & Recieve Documents

In light of the Canada Post Mail Strike, APREID is here to help answer any questions you may have about making payments on your Policy or receiving any important documents.

In the event of a Postal Strike we will make every effort to make the effect on our customers as little as possible.

We will be sending renewal, new business & change documents to your Customer Service Center for you to pick up, or if you provide us your email address we will email these to you instead.

Remember is still remains your responsibility to make sure your insurance premiums are paid on time.

If you normally visit our offices to pay your insurance or pay on line or through automatic withdrawals, you won’t miss the mail. If you normally pay through the mail, you will need to use another method. Some of our many options are explained below.

Payment Options

Sign up for Electronic Documents

Fill out this short questionnaire so APREID can sign you up to receive most of your important Insurance Documents via email. Not only is this convenient for you, it helps the environment by cutting down on the paper printed!
  • I request that A.P. Reid deliver documents to me electronically at the email address listed above. I acknowledge that I may receive a call for verification purposes. I also acknowledge that I may no longer receive paper documents. I understand that some documents may still be sent via regular mail as required by standard insurance policies and procedures.