Make a Payment – we have a number of options

NOTE: If you are looking to make a payment to replace an NSF payment please contact us by phone first as many of our Insurance Companies re-try the payment a few days later so we may need you to leave the money in your account instead.

On-line Bill Payment
•Log into your bank site
•Select pay a bill
•Search for A.P. Reid Insurance (if your site requires a province select Nova Scotia)
•It will ask for a 7 digit account number, if you have not been given one please use one of the following: enter the first 5 digits of your last name followed by 01
•Enter the amount you wish to send and the date you wish to send it and press done/pay
•We’ll receive it the next business day, unless it’s done after 4:30PM in which case we won’t receive it from the bank for 2 business days
•We are set up with BMO, RBC, TD, BNS and CIBC

Email Money transfer
•Log into your bank site
•Select transfer – email money transfer
•Set the recipient email address:
•Set the answer to the question: insurance
•If you are making the payment on behalf of someone else, please be sure to write the client’s name or policy number in the comments so we can apply the payment to their policy
•We’ll receive it during the next business day and you’ll receive an email from your bank site that it’s been accepted

Pay by debit
•Drop by our office during business hours

Pay by check or money order
•Drop by one of our offices or mail it to one of our locations

Pay by cash – effective October 1, 2016 we will no longer be able to accept cash payments at our locations.