Automatic coverage for new purchases: Most insurance items you purchase will be covered at no extra charge until your next renewal date if we are notified of the item within 90 days of acquiring the item. Even if you buy a new home, new jewelry or a seasonal residence, you’re automatically protected in the event of a claim.

Automatic coverage when you replace your car: If you replace your car before your coverage expires and keep the same coverage, you’re still covered and your premium won’t change until your next renewal date.

Blanket limit up to $2 million: Our blanket limit ensures that clients will not be under insured in the case of a loss. With no individual limits, your home, contents, additional living expenses, and outbuildings are covered under a $1 million blanket limit. Higher limits are also available based on the need.

Flexible payment options: You can have your premiums deducted through one of our various convenient deduction plans. Unlike most companies that only offer monthly deductions, we offer weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly deductions through your chequing account. Employees can even have their deductions coincide with their pay dates.

One deduction: We offer our property and auto policies under the same unique policy number with the same expiry date and that means only one convenient deduction with combined discounts.

Chances to WIN CASH PRIZES: Employees will have chances to win cash prizes just for calling for a quote