Switch to Pre-authorized Checking or Change your Banking

Switch to Pre-authorized Checking:

•This can only be done at renewal time
•This is available for the following Insurers:Aviva, Echelon, Economical, Economical Select, Intact, Portage Mutual, RSA
•Pre-authorized checking is a great option for busy people, or to help with budgeting as it spreads the payment of your premium out over the entire year instead of over just a few payments.
•To get set up, please send us a copy of your void check by email, mail or fax and we’ll send you the appropriate form. Then you’ll receive your pre-authorized schedule with your renewal.
•The withdrawal date is generally your policy date each month, some Insurers give other options. If you’d prefer a different day, please note that in your email and we’ll let you know if we cannot accommodate.
•If we receive your request more than TWO (2) months prior to your renewal date we are able to withdrawal your down-payment for you.

IFS Clients: You can switch to Pre-authorized checking at any time (as long as your payments are up to date). To switch just email or call us and we’ll send you the form to sign and return with your void check.

Change your bank account for pre-authorized withdrawals

•Email or mail a replacement void check (or bank authorization form) to any of our offices.
•The Insurers require 3 weeks notice to change what bank account your payment is being withdrawn from.
•Be sure to note your name and policy number on the check or email so we can locate you in our system.