Welcome Safeway Employees

As Sobeys begins to welcome 29,000 new employees into their family, we too at A.P. Reid are excited and proud to welcome the Safeway staff.

We’ve had the great pleasure of providing Group Home and Automobile Insurance to Sobeys employees since 1993. Over this time, your coworkers have enjoyed an estimated collective savings of over $5,000,000, money that has stayed in your pocket to spend as you like, rather than on insurance. We continue to work hard to ensure that you and your co-workers benefit from this program for years to come.

We want to help even more of your co-workers share in these savings! Each time a Group member calls for a no-obligation quote their name is entered into quarterly draws of $500 and the grand prize of $18,000 for 2013, $15,000 for 2014. All clients are automatically entered into each draw.

To get a quote now go to http://apreid.com/sobeysgroup or call 1-877-469-4768

Thank you again, for choosing your Sobeys Group Home and Auto Plan to protect you and your family.

Jamie Reid, President & CEO
Gerrie Blair, Group Sales Manager