Why Choose A.P. Reid Insurance Stores?

We believe that no other organization in the insurance industry today can offer the same career challenges, opportunities for growth and enjoyable work environment that exists at A.P. Reid today.  Read below for some of our highlights:

  1. Independence for Success. A.P. Reid Insurance Stores is a truly Independent Insurance Brokerage.  This means that we are not owned, or controlled by the insurance companies with whom we do business.  A.P. Reid works for our clients – first and foremost.  We are loyal to our clients and appreciate their loyalty in return. It is our belief that we are charting our own course for success.  The insurance industry has been going through a great deal of change over the past number of years and our independence allows us to take advantage of that change for our own prosperity.
  2. Service first for growth. A.P. Reid’s motto is Service First.  Our primary goal in every situation is to provide the absolute best service possible.  This allows us to maintain a very healthy retention rate, provides for a healthy supply of customer referrals, and allows us to operate with happy employees, looking after happy customers for a more enjoyable work experience.
  3. Technology for the future. A.P. Reid is investing in technology.  Unlike most Independent Insurance Brokers who are waiting to see how the industry is changing, A.P. Reid is taking the steps to make those changes.  This means using the best possible technology for our day to day processes, delivering client service how they want it through websites, smart phones and after hours, and always looking far ahead to develop the next big thing.
  4. Innovation to compete. We believe strongly in the statement:  See a need, fill a need.  Typical Insurance Brokers simply sell whatever products the Insurance Companies create.  Not A.P. Reid.  We have developed dozens of unique and exclusive insurance products over the years.  This gives our sales force a competitive advantage with a suite of products to sell which our competitors do not have and also ensures that our clients have the best possible products as well.
  5. Unlimited opportunity for all. There are no glass ceilings at A.P. Reid.  We are an equal opportunity employer – and an equal opportunity promoter.  Through hard work, dedication and exceptional results anyone at A.P. Reid can rise to the highest levels and succeed.  We are limited only by the imagination, hard work and achievements of our staff.  We operate in a “No Excuses” manner with a constant focus on our Vision.