Condo Insurance

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As a condominium owner you are part owner in your condo corporation. The condo corporation will purchase an insurance policy that protects your interest in the overall building, however, the corporation’s policy will not protect your interests in your own personal belongings, betterments and improvements, and personal liability.
There are also several circumstances under which the condo corporation could charge you costs for damages to the overall building due to inadequate insurance. Our condo insurance policies are specifically designed to cover the unique needs of condominium unit owners.

Condo Insurance Policies provide coverage for:

Personal Belongings

A condo insurance policy for condo unit owners will cover loss or damage to your personal belongings for circumstances such as fire, theft, vandalism, and many types of water damage. The condominium corporation is not responsible for the replacement of your personal belongings in the event of damage to the building – no matter how it was caused. The only way to recover financially for the loss or destruction of your personal property is with your own condo insurance policy.

Betterment’s & Improvements

The condominium corporation’s master insurance policy for the entire building only extends to cover your condo unit to rebuild it back to the original building specs. In many, when your condo unit was first sold (whether you were the original buyer or not), some upgrades and improvements were included in the purchase. Also, most condo unit owners, like most homeowners, regularly upgrade and improve their unit over time by improving kitchen cabinets, flooring, wallpaper, and bathroom fixtures, among many other possible upgrades. Only a Condominium Unit Owners Policy can protect your interest and make sure that you are compensated for damages to this property.

Personal Liability

The law can hold you personally responsible for damage or injury you accidentally cause to other people or their property. This could be a visitor slipping on your wet kitchen floor, or accidentally breaking a friends property while helping them move. The personal liability section of your Condominium Unit Owners Policy will defend you against any financial actions and pay the injured party should you ultimately be found responsible.

Loss Assessment Coverage

The condominium corporation will have an insurance policy which insure the collective interests of all the unit owners in the building and the liability – but what happens if the insurance policy the corporation purchased is inadequate? With rising property values and increasing liability lawsuits, the possibility of under-insurance for building and/or liability insurance is always there. If the condominium corporation suffers a loss for which they were under-insured, they will have no choice but to assess the individual unit owners for their respective share of the shortage. A Condominium Unit Owners Insurance Policy will extend to pay such an assessment on your behalf.


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